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Gnomagoras Society Anniversary


The Gnomagoras Nisyrian Society was created on April 5, 1915 with the merging (union) of the first 2 Nisyrian Societies OMIROS (HOMER) which started at 1903 and PORFYRIS (Ancient name of Nisyros) that was created in 1906.

Those tow Nisyrian Societies in New York helped NISYROS during those difficult times.
OMIROS build the first Public School in the island (OMIROS PUBLIC SCHOOL) which is still in operation today and PORFYRIS build the aristocratic building of LOUTRA (Healing bath, SPA ). Besides those immense tasks, they also helped the Nisyrians in America and also our motherland Greece during the Balkan wars and other difficult times.
Although those 2 Societies helped our island Nisyros, the Nisyrians in Nisyros and many in America were not happy because these societies were divided. For this reason they tried
very hard to bring the two Societies together and make them merge into one.

Finally on April 5, 1915, these 2 Societies were merged into one and given the name GNOMAGORAS NISYRIAN SOCIETY. Gnomagoras is the name of an ancient Nisyrian admiral who fought various enemies during the 3rd century BC. During all those years the Gnomagoras Nisyrian Society played a large role in helping the island of Nisyros and also the Nisyrians here in America with excellent results.

They helped in the Health of the Nisyrians here and in Nisyros paying doctors and also sending medicine. The education of the Nisyrians in the island was greatly aided by the Gnomagoras Society as they paid the teachers and furnished various scholarships.
During the Second war together with the other Nisyrian Societies, they send a large sum of money to help the Greek army against the Italians and Germans.

They helped the refugees from Minor Asia during the 1922 catastrophe.

They helped many Nisyrians to rebuild their houses after the big earthquake of the 1933.

They keep the Nisyrian customs and culture here in America, celebrating certain dates of
the year that have a special meaning and getting the Nisyrians together.

These are a few of the Society's many contributions.

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